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     Whenever a house cleaning job arises, Carpet Cleaners Clingford has always been my first point of contact. I've used them for many jobs over the years and they've never left me disappointed.
F. Wyatt19/05/2020
     They saved my sofa! My darling 5-year-old got finger paint all over my cream coloured sofa. I was just going to toss it (the sofa not the kid). When a friend mentioned I should call Clingford Cleaning Cleaner to see if they could do something. They got every hint of paint out of the fabric and it was not damaged in the process! Best prices and great service.
Devon George19/09/2019
     I hired their carpet cleaners to try and remove a stubborn stain. They did so without any trouble. I was at a loss as to what to do, but with Carpet Cleaning Clingford it was effortless and painless.
Sharon O.20/11/2017
     The cleaners at Clingford Carpet Cleaner are charming, efficient, and certainly know what they're doing. Watching them at work is a real pleasure, and they complete everything without a fuss, easily and professionally.
Yvonne H.22/08/2017
     Big thanks to the whole team at Clingford Carpet Cleaner for your excellent cleaning services. I could never have achieved the same results at home so thank you very much for all your help. It is much appreciated!
     I am more than happy with how ClingfordCarpetCleaners helped me honestly. They were professional, thorough and extremely attentive to details - just what I needed for my end of tenancy cleaning. Considering the prices they practice, they are simply the best!
Matthew M.17/03/2015
     I have been using ClingfordCarpetCleaners for several months now and my regular cleaning lady is Martha. She is a great cleaner. Not only does she do an excellent job of cleaning the house, she is extremely polite and a pleasure to have around. When I moved houses, I brought Martha along with me and she has done equally well in the new property as well. She is always on time and does the job as quickly as she can. I would highly recommend her and company to everyone I know. They are really good!
Debbie D.04/12/2014
     Before I called ClingfordCarpetCleaners to help me tidying my office, basically... It was an absolute mess, and I was a little embarrassed about it. Things had piled up over the months and I hadn't even noticed. After my wife demanded that I do something about it I called your cleaning service up and told you about the situation. No sooner did I have an excellent employee of yours on the doorstep than did I have a person cleaning - as well as - giving me a few tips when I enquired about the best ways of keeping my office in a better state!
Jack Andrews23/10/2014
     Rug cleaning is something I tend to leave to the professionals as it can be so hard to get right when you try to do it yourself. I had ClingfordCarpetCleaners send round a member of their cleaning team to get my rugs looking clean and pristine and they did just that. The cleaner was polite and well-presented and the service they gave was of the highest level. I have never before been so impressed by a cleaning service and so I will be going back to them each and every time I need to have my rugs cleaned. I suggest you do the same!
Nicola Y.09/10/2014
     I've always struggled to keep the rugs in my home looking clean and I must have wasted hours and hours on my hands and knees, scrubbing at impossible stains or trying to vacuum up really stuck-in dirt. I ended up hiring a professional cleaner from ClingfordCarpetCleaners when I eventually got too fed up of trying to clean my rugs, and the results have been astounding. I can't imagine ever not using this service, as all of the stains, dirt marks, grime and dust completely disappear! This is nothing short of a miracle rug cleaning services and I never have to worry about the cleanliness of my rugs again!
Jonathon T.08/07/2014
     I wanted to hire a domestic cleaning company to give my house the once-over every couple of weeks. I tried to find the time to clean my house but it was getting really difficult to fit the weekly chores into my already busy schedule. I chose to give ClingfordCarpetCleaners a call. I'd never used a cleaning company before and I wasn't sure what to expect, but the friendly staff put me straight at ease. They did a really good and thorough job of cleaning my house and now I couldn't live without them! I can't thank this company enough for all their help!
Marie K.18/12/2013

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